Frequently asked questions

I would like to see the stickers from the set. Where do I find them?

If you want to see the whole set of the stickers, select any item in the list of goods. On the left side of the window, under the photos of the jumpers/T-shirt, you will see all stickers which you will get after purchasing the set.

Can I use steam when ironing?

Steam cannot be used when transferring the sticker onto the cloth. In reaction with water, the sticker can become crumpled.

I received a different item from the one I ordered/there were other problems. What should I do?

Address the indicated contacts and we will immediately solve all your problems.

How to wash the produced T-shirt? Can the stickers be washed away?

Can the stickers be washed away? Wash in 30 degrees. If you wash properly, the stickers should not lose their quality for a long time.

Do the stickers get crumpled?

The stickers get crumpled as much as the T-shirt, but they are perfect for ironing.

The order is really urgent, I can’t wait for 2 weeks.

Use the indicated contact information to contact with us – we will offer the solution.

Užsakymo reikia labai skubiai, negaliu laukti 3-4 dienas.

Susisiekite su mumis nurodytais kontaktais - pasiūlysime sprendimo būdus.