Children are the most creative personalities

And entertaining activity is the best way for them to unroll!


The set of Little Monster. What is that?

What can be cuter and warmer to the child than creating, experimenting and making something unique with the parents? The set of My Little Monster is the possibility to create an individual little monster. It is more than the set of stickers.

Being parents ourselves, we completely understand how important is to develop the child’s creativity, courage, self-confidence, to create the most beautiful memories for the whole life.

Why T-shirts and jumpers? These are casual clothes for a child which is worn for the bigger part of time. Thus, why not to create something exceptional, the one which a child dreams about?

Forget the rules – here the process is more important than the final result. Sometimes, it is nicer to know that it is made by you although not perfect. No matter what little monster it is – symmetrical or not, with five legs instead of two, cute or strange – it is important to create it with Your child’s hands and it is the only such in the world, and Your child is also the only such in the world.


You can put any combination of the little monster from plenty of the stickers.

The set is comprised of 30 different stickers. Your child will select the desirable stickers of the monster’s body, arms, legs, eyes, ears and additional accessories, and will put them in the desirable order.

You will separate the thermal film from the transference film of the stickers.

After deciding which stickers to use, you will separate both films from each other. The stickers will get sticky. Before "smoothing out", stick them on the place of the cloth on which the parts of the little monster’s body will be stuck.

Heating the part of the body one after another with the iron, you will create a unique little monster.

With the help of the iron, you will "heat" the little monster’s body and later, the rest parts of the body. In such way, the parts of the body will be transferred from the transference film to the cloth. Technology is heat and wash-resistant, thus, Your child will be able to enjoy own clothes for a long time.

What is the set comprised of?

Are you ready to set your child’s imagination free?

Create your own set of the little monster.