Instructions for use

Read the instructions carefully before applying stickers on clothes.

The desired result will be reached only when instructions are followed properly. Most likely, failure to comply with instructions will lead to defect. For safety reasons, we strongly urge that steps 1, 6, 7, and 8 would be performed by an adult.

The following procedures should be followed step by step:


Iron the clothing.


If possible, remove lint or any other surface dirt with a sticky roller or with a tape.


Arrange the stickers in a pattern of your choice.


After making a final decision on which stickers you would like to use, take the body sticker of a Monster and peel it away from the backing paper. (Important: when peeling the sticker, it has to remain on an-adhesive film. If the sticker remains on a non-adhesive film, press the two films together and try again).


Lay the sticker on a T-shirt and cover it with baking paper. If you are not happy with the position of your sticker, you can gently remove it and start again, but this should be avoided.


Preheat the iron to maximum temperature and press it on the sticker. Ideally, the iron should fully cover the sticker. The iron SHOULD NOT be moved from side to side. Press the iron and hold it in one place.


Remove the iron after 25 seconds.


Carefully, trying to avoid burning, slowly remove the transfer film and check whether the sticker has firmly attached to the clothing. If it is evident that the sides of the sticker have not firmly attached to the surface, those places can be ironed directly or through baking paper.


In the same manner position stickers of other body parts, cover them with baking paper and repeat steps 6, 7, and 8. In order to save time, you may iron all stickers and only then remove the transfer film.

Please note that:

Stickers can be touched with an iron as they are heat-resistant. The usage of baking paper is recommended, but not necessary.

If the sticker remains on the transfer film and does not transfer on the clothing, stick the film back, heat the sticker with an iron longer than 25 seconds (this period is approximate time needed, which may vary based on the temperature and the way the instructions are followed).

Before starting application, you may practice with a red round sticker, labeled as “TEST”. Prior to positioning the Monster sticker, try to stick the “TEST” sticker on any other T-shirt or clothing. Even though the process seems complicated, in fact, it is simple. Take your time and carefully follow the instructions. What matters is the final result and the joy of your children.

Clothing care:

There are no strict instructions for wash. The clothes with stickers may be washed in their usual temperature. The stickers are prone to wrinkles, however, they may be ironed and they look as good as new.

Should you have any questions and should you not find answers in the instruction, please contact us. You may find contact details in our website.

You may send the pictures of your children wearing the Monster T-Shirts via Facebook message and participate in a competition. Each month you will have a chance to win our prizes! :)